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Thread Creative, a design and web agency located in Basingstoke, Hampshire offers a wide range of services that are all tailored to you. So if you’re looking for a custom built WordPress website, a new logo design, an update to your brand identity, eye-catching marketing material to advertise your business, a fully functional eCommerce website or some help with your social media you’ve come to the right place!

What I do
What I Do

a bit of this, a bit of that

I love how the world of design is constantly changing and there is always the opportunity to learn a new skill or improve upon those you’ve used since day one. I also believe honesty is the best policy, so below you will find a breakdown of the skills I have to offer with ratings based on customer feedback. After all who doesn’t love a bar chart?

Custom built WordPress websites


Logo design and brand identity


eCommerce websites


Image editing and retouching


Graphic design and page layout


Search Engine Optimisation


What first attracted me to the design industry is the variety – no two projects or customers are ever the same. Combine that with a huge desire to learn and I’ve been fortunate to build up a wide range of skills in the past 11 years. To me good design is good design, whether it’s for print or the web I always approach a project in the same way – with a freshly sharpened pencil and a blank piece of paper.

What It Costs
I’d buy that for a dollar!

Brand identity

From £60+VAT

Are you starting a new business or feel your current branding could do with a refresh? Whether you require a new logo, eye catching corporate stationery, custom Twitter and Facebook social media profiles, Mailchimp email templates that match your brand or full design guidelines Thread Creative can help create a brand identity you will be proud of.

Services include:

  • Logo design only £160
  • Corporate stationery design from £80
  • Twitter and Facebook profile design £60 each
  • Mailchimp email templates from £120
  • Full design guidelines from £160

WordPress Websites

From £800+VAT

Thread Creative has over 5 years experience building responsive WordPress websites, which are completely tailored made to you and your business. With a powerful yet easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS), over 29,000 plugins to choose from and 3 months FREE hosting included it’s now the perfect time to become part of the world’s No.1 blogging platform.

Benefits include:

  • 3 months FREE hosting included! worth £30
  • Easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS)
  • Responsive design for tablet & mobile devices
  • Over 29,000 easy-to-install plugins
  • Join the No. 1 blogging platform in the world

eCommerce Websites

From £1500+VAT

With online shopping having replaced the high-street as the most popular way to purchase in the UK it’s crucial for retailers, no matter how small, to have an eCommerce presence. Thread Creative are also an official Bigcommerce partner, so whether you have 1 or 1,000 products Thread Creative can help you every step of the way.

Benefits include:

  • Completely custom eCommerce store design
  • NO minimum contracts
  • 60+ payment gateways supported
  • Fully SEO optimised for Google, Bing and Yahoo!
  • Easily add and manage your own products
  • iPhone and Android mobile eCommerce compatible

Data merging

From £80+VAT

Do you have a run of 500 printed mailers? A set of posters to appear in all of your UK stores? Perhaps it’s an urgent supply of name badges for a big launch event? If so you should take advantage of the latest offering from Thread Creative – Data Merging. Applying a bit of magic to a supplied Excel file of names, addresses, dates and even images, Thread creative can supply you with print-ready PDF artwork before you can say Abracadabra!

Benefits include:

  • Save time and money!
  • Keep your branding consistent
  • Merge names, addresses, dates or even images
  • Use your own artwork to save even more!

Startup package

Only £200+VAT

So you’ve taken the plunge and started your own business, if so congratulations! Or maybe you’ve thought about it but you’re worried about costs spiraling out of control?

If so the Startup Package from Thread Creative is perfect for you. Make your business really stand out from the crowd for just £200 +VAT, as well as great service you get all of this!

Package includes:

  • A logo designed for you worth £160
  • A custom business card design to match worth £80
  • 500 high quality business cards worth £45

Business package

Only £1250+VAT

Is it time to take your business to the next level, or perhaps it’s in need of a bit of a refresh? If so the Business Package from Thread Creative is just what you need to give your business that WOW factor and leave the competition behind!

Package includes:

  • A logo designed for you worth £160
  • A custom business card design to match worth £80
  • 1,000 high quality business cards worth £75
  • A custom built, 5 page WordPress website worth £1120
  • 3 months FREE hosting included! worth £30
  • Custom Twitter and Facebook profiles worth £120
My Portfolio
My Portfolio
here’s one I made earlier

I have tried to achieve a good balance of all areas of my work – examples of printed work, logo design, electronic media as well as WordPress and eCommerce websites are all included. If you would like to see more photos, or read about any of the projects below, simply click on the image and they will appear as if by magic!

Chalkboard Effect 60th Birthday Invites

Full project review coming soon but please look at the pretty pictures…

Suzanne Wilson Cakes logo design

Full project review coming soon but please look at the pretty pictures…

Fluffy Butt Creations WordPress website

Full project review coming soon but please look at the pretty pictures...

Brocks Chocs logo design

Full project review coming soon but please look at the pretty pictures…

Crumb Creative logo design

Crumb Creative, a small bakery business approached me looking for a brand new company logo.

Gaptooth WordPress website

Having spent several years using a free Wordpress website Gaptooth decided it was time to upgrade.

A G Electrical Services logo design

A G Electrical Services decided it was time for a complete overhaul of their logo and brand identity.

Gaptooth vinyl CD and case

In 2012 Gaptooth released “Ladykillers”. To promote this release she planned a short run of just 50 CDs.

Kevs Kampers promotional postcards

Kevs Kampers, a camper van hire business were looking for a unique way to advertise their company.

Gaptooth logo design

Gaptooth, a UK electropop singer/songwriter required a new logo that reflected her musical style and captured her riot girl attitude.
“Every great design begins with an even better story.”
Lorinda Mamo
About Me
About Me

my life in a nutshell

As you may have already guessed Thread Creative isn’t my real name, luckily my parents weren’t that cruel. No, I’m really called Dan and I’m the founder of Thread Creative, a design and web agency born in 2012 in Basingstoke, Hampshire. Having spent over 15 years working in the design industry frustration and a desire for change has demanded, in my humble opinion, something more bespoke and personal to the client.

Since my very first graphic design job in 2002 I quickly grew aggravated with how sales lead the design world was, leaving little regard for genuine customer focus. Me? I’ve always loved talking to the client, getting to know a customer better as an individual has always helped me design something more unique to them and that’s what it’s all about right?

“A desire for change has demanded, in my humble opinion, something more bespoke and personal to the client.”

Are you still with me? Good, just checking.

I believe it was Ghandi who said “Be the change you want to see in the world” and he seemed to do alright. With his words stuck in my head I decided that the only way the design world would change was if I was the one to change it, the result? Thread Creative! “Design tailored to you” is not just a catchy motto it’s how I believe design should be. Whether it’s a brochure, a logo, a poster, a website or a business card it will be 100% tailored to you, 100% of the time. That’s the Thread Creative way.

“We are all designers, the difference is that only a few of us do it full-time.”
Sabo Tercero
Contact Me
Contact Me
you had me at hello…

Sometimes the best relationships start from a friendly “hello” and why I can’t promise you we’ll end up like Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger in Jerry Maguire it’s not a bad place to begin. Now “show me the money!”… Ok, I think that might be a bit much, sorry.

Contact information

Tel: 01256 410931
Mobile: 07958 764187
Fax: really?